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One Thounsand or One Night

In order to respect Public Security it’s forbidden to let friends, parents or any other people not staying in the B&B come into the house at any time, if not explicitly authorised.

When they arrive, all the guests need to provide an effective identity document, so as to allow the enrollment required by the law. Also for all-aged children an effective identity document has to be provided, in order to verify their identity. In case these rules are not respected, we’ll ask the guest to leave immediately the B&B, as this is a violation of the Penal Code.


Our guests’ data are used in accordance with the privacy law in force.


We would like the guests to respect the rules about silence in the canonical hours (14.00-16.00/22.30-8.00). Under no circumstances can the guests’ behaviour prejudice other people’s tranquillity.


In the common areas a decorous clothing is required.

It’s severely forbidden to smoke.

Using hard liquors and drugs is not allowed.


We remind you of the fact that, during the guests’ stay, the management retains the right to refuse accommodation to anyone in break of the regulation.


We require a correct and civilised usage of the cleaning service, so please do not throw anything into the WC (please use the dedicated bins).

In the rooms food consumption is forbidden, as well as moving the furniture, lighting burners and flames.

Any guest is expected to pay back for any possible damages to the property.


We ask the guests to communicate the time they expect to arrive at least 24 hours before their arrival. In case of delay, please communicate that promptly to the number 345.5276094 or 347.2311988, so as to make it possible for us to welcome you in the best way.


The rooms have to be left by 10.00 am of the departure date. In case,the room hasn’t been left, theguest will have to pay for another day.


Each guest will have to hand back the keys at the end of his stay. In case he loses them, he’ll have to compensate for damages.

For hygienical reasons and in order to avoid problems with possible allergies of the other guests, animals are not allowed inside the B&B.


The B&B “One Thousand or One Nights” is authorised by the law.